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Arsen Amber is a young Polish jewelry company founded in 2012. Our goal is the production and sale of luxury amber jewelry made according to the world’s highest world standards. We employ only the high-end jewelry art masters, who have many years of experience in working with amber.
At the same time, during production, Wwe use innovative technologies and up to datestate of the art specialized machinesmachinery. Since a few years, the Arsen Amber has rapidly been expanding its offer in the last few years, building a network of sales in the European and Asian markets.

What do we offer?

Jewelry production

We are a manufacturer of top class luxury jewelry.

After sale services

We offer a complex post-sale support and services.

Custom design

We care about design and implement of manufacturing new jewelry products for our clients.
We create the
amber jewelry

Our story

The roots

While strolling along the beach as a small boy, Wojciech Arendarski came across a beautiful specimen of amber, which had been thrown ashore during a storm. Inspired by this discovery, in the following years he devoted himself to studying the secrets of fishing, processing, and setting the amber. A few decades later, as an artist and an art historian fascinated by with the extraordinary beauty of the “”burning stone,””, he decided to open hisan own jewellery workshop.

Growing up in the mysterious and closed world of Baltic amber, his son Simon took over his father’’s amazing passion. Exploiting the knowledge accumulated over the centuries by the guild of amber craftsmen, Simon Arendarski perfected the art of selecting ideal stones. He founded Arsen Art in 1998, transforming his father’’s small studio into a strong and vibrant company, which combines traditional craftsmanship with the latest in technology. In order to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, in 2012 Simon in 2012 created a new brand – Arsen Amber, —which produces only premium class jewelry. So, unique works of jewellery art have been created here for years.


Currently, the atelier of Arsen Amber is located in at the Black Manor next to the shores of the Baltic Sea. In order to meet the expectations of customers with refined taste, the process of stone-cutting is supervised by four master jewellers. The unique designs for the Arsen Amber collection are created under their guidance. Our goods are characterized by the highest quality and attention to detail.

Our partners are scatteredWe have partners all around the world in 12 different countries: Finland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Czech Republic, Russia, China, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

We not only employ well-experienced high-end jewelry art mastersuse long experience our team members but also we own the latestnewest high- technology equipment and devices for while producing our jewelry production.

Looking forward

It is now time for Polish amber, which is already well- known and valued in the European market, to be discovered by the Chinese who, like no other nation, can appreciate and enjoy the beauty and the uniqueness of nature. Because of its unique charm and characteristics, this burning stone has for centuries been a talisman, protecting the wearer from misfortune and disease, as well as being a symbol of social status for people from Central Europe.

Arsen Amber is honoured to give provide opportunity to the Chinese customers the opportunity to look into the fiery soul of genuine amber.

Satisfaction of even the most demanding customers is the most important tofor us. That is why Thus, we make every effort to ensure that not only our products are made not only from the materials of highest quality materials, but we also provide the design whichthey also responds correspond to the latest trends of in fashion jewelry.
As one of the few companies in the market, we select only the most beautiful raw amber materials and produce only high- quality goods. In this way, we can bring out the stunning beauty hidden in natural stones.